You've finally decided to paint your dining room!  It’s not a big space.  It can be done in a day or over the weekend, right?  No biggy… you think!!  Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s kind of a big deal.


“Honey, I’m going to run to the paint store and pick up some paint.”


“Why are there 500 shades of (insert your color choice here)?”

Let me help narrow this down.

I start with an inspiration piece; a photo, vase, a piece of fabric, art. Maybe something that will be displayed in the space.  It will help you draw your color of choice for the space.

“But wait, the color I like doesn’t look right with my inspiration piece.”

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. There are at least 400 decisions to be made in any one space. And that’s not an exaggeration. Of that, I think paint may have 100+ of its own decision-making efforts.

Is the color you’ve selected too cool, too warm?  Is it a clean or dirty color?  Does it have an undertone of another color; yellow, green, blue, etc.  

 How will that color be affected by the light in your space??  The lighting in your space will impact the overall selection decision.  Light can alter the color making it cooler or warmer, clean or dirty.  You must look at your color options within the space you plan to paint.  Whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE A FINAL COLOR SELECTION IN THE STORE!!

“OH MY GOAT!  How can this be so difficult?”

 This may be the point when many will throw their hands in the air, pick a color, paint the wall and live with that choice because there is just NO WAY that you will endure that process ever again.

Okay, so you’ve narrowed down a color option. 

YAY!!  “FINALLY, I can buy the paint and start my project, right?!”

Hold the paint brush…. you’re not quite ready yet.  There are a couple of more decisions that need to be made.

“WAIT, WHAT??!!  More decisions?!!”

Yes, like what color will you use on your ceiling?  Yes, ceilings need to the painted just like the walls.  Personally, and professionally, I am not a fan of white ceilings. #1 because there are 500+ whites to choose from and #2 it’s just too easy.  White is my least favorite option for ceilings because it can be a stark contrast to your wall color.  I prefer to use a light color, tinted the same as the wall color, as a compliment.  Depending on the room size, the color selected and the amount of light in the space, I have been known to paint walls and ceiling the same color.  This makes painting super easy because you don’t have to cut in two different colors.


Yes, you can.  As soon as you select a paint sheen.

The sheen determines how shiny or matte you want the paint to be.  There are 5 different paint sheens to choose from and the room that you are painting may dictate what sheen you select.

  • Gloss
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Flat or Matte

The higher the shine, the more durable it will be.

Flat paint has no shine while high gloss “glows!!”

Eggshell, Satin and Semi-gloss fall in between, with Eggshell and Satin the most popular finishes, each with its own practical and decorative job to do.

And with that, you can finally purchase your paint and start your project.

If all of this seems time consuming and overwhelming, give me a call.  Not only can I help you make those “400+” decisions, but I can have the job done for you.  It will be done in a fraction of the time, with no mess to clean up, so that you can enjoy your what you love doing most.