Remodeling is always on time, on budget and runs smoothly, hassle and stress free … said no homeowner EVER!

You’ve likely experienced a remodeling project that didn’t quite go as you had hoped.  After all, the remodeling shows get renovation projects completed in an hour or less! It must be easy, right?!  Well yes, it is when the show’s editor can cut and paste and mush video components together and show a project from start to finish in no time.  But, knowing that, there IS still a process to be followed, even in reality remodeling shows. 

Both personally and professionally, I need order and organization in my life.  Without it, chaos will ensue.  Granted, order and organization doesn’t always keep chaos at bay, but it sure is better than shooting from the hip.  (I actually know.  I’ve shot a rifle from the hip and, in my experience, there’s way less control in that shot.)

In a previous blog post, I shared some information about the Simply Stated Interiors Experience. This is the full process of taking my design clients from start to finish through their interior design and renovation journey.   

Experience has shown that knowledge of the start-to-finish process helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. With that, I have created the SSI Experience.  It is comprised of three phases:

Phase 1 - Project Initiation Phase

Phase 2 - Research, Design and Presentation Phase

Phase 3 - Project Management Phase


Within each phase, there are a set of steps that need to be completed in order to move onto the next phase. 

In my previous post, we talked about the first step in the Project Initiation Phase. 

STEP 1 - The Design Consultation takes place after the Discovery Call.  This is the first step to determining a scope of work for your project, putting all design ideas on the table, and seeing how well we will work together.

As we move into the next step of the Project Initiation Phase, STEP 2 - Contract, Retainer and Project Commencement, we determine that the project is a good fit for both of us, and the client would like to proceed in working with me. I provide the homeowner with a Design Agreement, which identifies the scope of work that will be developed, and a retainer is collected. 

The retainer is a flat fee that is based on the scope of the project.  The retainer covers future meetings, correspondence and consults with everyone involved in the project (the homeowner, tradespeople, vendors, etc.) in order to determine the design layout, aesthetic and budget.  It’s a time-based and time-intensive process and is absolutely necessary to ensure the end result is exactly what the homeowner wants for their new space.

Step 2 is required because it paves the way for the process, and the project, to move into Phase 2 of the SSI Experience, the Research, Design and Presentation Phase.

I’ll be discussing Step 3 of this process in an upcoming blog post, so be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!