Remodeling the bathroom in your house is a Very Big Deal. Not only does a good bathroom remodel add to your home’s value, but it also makes living there much more enjoyable. But we’re not going to sugarcoat it: it’s a lot of work and there are a lot of things to consider, from your budget to storage, countertops to lighting. Here’s some of our advice:

We’ll start with the easy one: the budget. (You don’t often hear the words “easy” and “budget” in the same sentence, do you?) A good rule of thumb is to limit the budget to 5% of your home’s assessed value for a powder room or guest bathroom, and to 10% for a master bathroom.

In real numbers, that means that if your house is assessed at $250,000, then you should aim for $12,500 for a powder room, and $25,000 for a master bathroom.

Storage is important in just about any room of the house. If you have a separate linen closet, then you may not need as much storage in the bathroom itself. But consider the “appliances” that you do use and store there. Could a vanity pullout be a better use of space for the hairdryer, curling iron and large bottles of shampoo and lotion?

Tucking a medicine cabinet into a hidden or unused space is one of my favorite tricks! Is there room to recess a medicine cabinet behind the mirror? What about creating jewelry storage in the wall behind the bathroom door? (Didn’t think about that one, did ya!?)


Bathroom countertops that are easy to maintain are VERY important to me. You may be thinking, “besides dried toothpaste and dust, how can I possibly stain my countertops in the bathroom?” All forms of natural stone are porous, which means that liquids can mark it quite easily. Natural stone tends to react badly to acidic products. Because it’s porous, in needs to be sealed, and the thought of maintenance for natural stone top can be a turn-off for some people — especially for bathroom countertops. If you are that type of person, then consider quartz. It’s a man-made stone product that is non-porous, which means no maintenance. Faux marble also might be something to consider if price is an issue.

Changing the footprint
Rerouting plumbing lines will eat up a budget very quickly. The existing layout may function just fine with a few remodeling “tweaks” — this is where having a designer to help you plan your bathroom is especially vital. We have the expertise to help you figure out the best way to remodel your bathroom, while keeping your budget in mind.


Whether creating a mood or for functionality, lighting is an important consideration.
We’ve all seen the photos in magazines and on Pinterest of gorgeous chandeliers over the bathtub. While it’s a beautiful feature, building codes may prohibit them for obvious safety reasons.

Recessed lighting — especially in the shower — is a practical (and much safer) alternative to helping you illuminate the darkest corners of your bathroom.

Smart Upgrades
When remodeling your bathroom, you can seize the opportunity to make some smart upgrades. For example, you may want to consider a handheld showerhead with adjustable slide bar — these are great for kids and cleaning the shower. Double sinks make it easier for multiple people to get ready for the day at the same time. And comfort-height toilets have become the norm.

If you can get away with replacing a tub with a large walk-in shower, I say go for it. Long gone are the days when we actually had the time or desire to sink into a bubble bath and let Calgon “take me away.” If there is only one bathtub in the house, we would discuss the pros and cons of removing it, especially when it comes to the home’s resale potential.


Luxury Upgrades
If there’s still room in your budget, you can think about some luxury upgrades. Heated floors and heated toilet seats are almost a no-brainer for cold Wisconsin winters. Walk-in showers with body sprays are very popular right now.

You might also want to consider a steam shower — it’s not as costly as you might think and has great health benefits. Our favorites come from Mr. Steam, which has been making steam shower and spa products since 1917.

You may also want to consider a bidet or a SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seat from American Standard. Bidets have been popular in Europe and Japan for years and now are starting to make their way into bathrooms in the United States.

We Can Help
This is only the tip of the bathroom remodeling iceberg. We can help you figure out all the pieces you need to get the best bathroom remodel for your family. Contact us today!