Carrie reached out to me earlier this year because she had an original 1950’s kitchen that she was ready to send back to 1950.  The story of this “Vintage Kitchen” is not unlike many stories I hear from my clients.  

This is a home that Carrie has lived in for many, many years, and her kitchen had problems. Lack of storage, lack of counter/prep space, disjointed flow, and limited functionality. It didn’t even have a dishwasher, for Pete’s sake! Frankly, it was old and desperately ready for an overhaul.


Sound familiar? 

Carrie had some general ideas on what she wanted for her new space; white cabinets, a tile backsplash, new flooring. But, that’s about where her ideas ended. This is where Simply Stated Interiors entered the picture! 

We spent several weeks meeting to discuss her wants and needs for the new space, reviewing the exact placement of new appliances, and talking through her desired storage needs. We regularly made necessary and requested revisions and changes to our finish selections. If you have been following my blog, then you know this is the Research, Design & Presentation phase of the SSI Experience.  (If you haven’t been following my blog, you really should be!  And so should your friends, family coworkers and neighbors.  Just saying….) 

Here is Carrie’s kitchen today.Talk about an overhaul!This just may be the best ugly-duckling-to-swan story EVER!


We rearranged the overall layout to allow for better functionality and flow.  We removed two “vintage” layers of linoleum and installed Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile on the floor of the kitchen and on steps and landing to the garage. The Berkley Cambria Quartz countertops are a great complement to the creamy white cabinet color.  The burnt orange accent wall and oil rubbed bronze finishes were inspired from the flecks in this countertop.

We made the best use of every square inch of space to ensure Carrie had better meal prep/working spaces and storage.For example, on either side of the range, Carrie has working surfaces; however, by adding a pullout cutting board next to the range, we increased that working space even more

The kitchen is small, so finding useful and creative ways to increase functionality that wouldn’t impede on the working footprint made sense.  A corner drawer unit added some base cabinet storage that was decreased by the new dishwasher. Useful, yet fun, inclusions included the toe-kick “Meal Station” for Carrie’s two new kittens and a pullout trash bin cabinet. In her previous kitchen, both of those items would be sitting on the kitchen floor visible to all; now they are tucked away components that are visible only when needed.


Adding cabinetry to an otherwise empty wall on the opposite side of the kitchen increased her useable countertop surface by 10 square feet and added storage.  Wine cubbies, glass door cabinets for displaying a colorful collection of glassware and a dedicated microwave cabinet created a built in “buffet,” which will be great when entertaining family and friends!   

A whimsical addition included the railroad spike pulls used on the glass cabinet doors with coordinating oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware throughout the rest of the kitchen space.


We did not add square footage to this home but if you ask Carrie, she will tell you that it sure feels like we did.  And after her new kitchen was complete, we celebrated by showing it off to family and friends at her Reveal Party!


"WOW!!! I never would've thought I'd have a "bigger" kitchen than before without adding square footage. Thank you for your floor planning, design, picking colors. I never would have made it on my own. Your guidance was much appreciated. Your subcontractors are reliable and terrific at what they do!! You'll be highly recommended to anyone. Thank you again.”

~Carrie M.