Color, white space, texture, and tone affect how your family behaves in your space. If your family room is dark, clunky, and outdated, chances are that room doesn't have a good history. Change your family dynamic by creating a space that makes your children feel open and energetic, while making you feel accomplished and at ease. 

Here are 3 Playful Palettes for Your Next Family Room

1 | Subtle Energy

Image via  @patriciaarts  | Palette by  Design-Seeds

Image via @patriciaarts | Palette by Design-Seeds

Avoid using too much bright yellow; it tends to over-stimulate young minds into hyperactivity. Keep the room grounded with medium or dark blue, and balance with neutrals.

2 | Not-Really-Neutral

Image via:  @lashesandlenses  | Palette via:  Design-Seeds

Image via: @lashesandlenses | Palette via: Design-Seeds

If bright colors aren't your thing, I suggest this muted palette of soft green, brown, and tan solids mixed with airy floral prints. It's durable enough for the kids and pretty enough for Mom.

3 | Very Vintage-Mod

Image via:  @bibliophile90  | Palette via: Design-Seeds

Image via: @bibliophile90 | Palette via: Design-Seeds

If modern design always catches your eye, try blending gray and tan tones with a dash of pastels to keep the space from appearing too asture. These calming colors work well with minimalist or Scandinavian design styles.

Maria Kovach is the principal and lead designer at Simply Stated Interiors. The mother of four, she understands the struggles moms face when designing a space to be both functional and beautiful. She specializes in helping busy families in and around Madison, Wisconsin.


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