This week I'm veering away from my design tips to share with you a little bit of my military background. That's right--I'm a veteran! I served in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Germany.

The dedication and passion that brought me through my military career has also driven me to create and grow my interior design business while raising four children.

I had the honor of being interviewed by WisVets recently (video below). 

My military background holds a special place in my heart. It established even more firmly the belief that I CAN stand on my own two feet, that I DO have a life to be proud of, and that ANYONE can reach success if they bring dedication and passion to the table.

It doesn't matter what your background is or what your current situation looks like. (Right now, mine is a chaotic house of kids, love, and dog hair--but mostly kids.) The only thing stopping you from accomplishing your goals is you. 

You'll always be able to find an excuse if you need it.

You'll always be able to find a reason why things "never work out" for you, but a few of you will realize, like I did, that we get to call the shots in our lives more often than we think. Our success isn't a random accident. It's a strategically-planned, hard-won event.

Success requires discipline. It requires that you swing hard--and miss the mark completely. It demands that you prioritize your life accordingly everyday.

So, now I ask you...

What do you spend most of your time doing?


Whatever it is, THAT, my dear friend, is your priority.  If you binge on Netflix or spend hours on Pinterest, you are making those things your goal and, let me tell you right now, you'll NEVER be satisfied with your life.

I continue to find the most fulfilling moments of my life when I dive headfirst into a challenge--whether it's designing an interior or raising my rambunctious kids. Those are the things I'll look back on and say, "Remember when..."

Nobody ever says, "Remember when I spend 3 hours a day on Pinterest?" Nope, never. 

The weird part about being an interior designer is...

...I get a deep look into the psyche of each family I design a space for--and that's not a bad thing. I'm not a psychologist (heck, no!) but I've designed enough family homes and spaces to recognize this common thread: 

The state of your home reveals how you feel about yourself and those closest to you.

Whoa. Don't worry, I'll explain.

When you make your family a priority, you inadvertently make your home a priority too. You care for it, (attempt to) organize it, and you're passionate about it. When the time comes for a re-design or remodel, you feel it's important to have someone who is equally passionate on your team.

These are the clients I work with--passionate mothers like myself who want the best home for their families without forsaking style. They have high standards of quality and do their best to get or keep their priorities in the correct order.

Does this describe you? If so, I'd love to connect with you. Contact me here and let's start prioritizing your space.


Maria Kovach is the founder and principal designer at Simply Stated Interiors, a boutique design firm serving Sun Prairie and Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas.


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