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We live in the era of too many toys, too many electronics, too many THINGS cluttering our kids' little havens. What is this teaching them, I wonder--that having too much stuff is normal? That clutter is okay?

Well, we might be teaching them that, but now that school is in session again, it's time for a little course in Moms of Minimalism.

Here's how to turn your child's room into a more spacious, breathable, and creative space.

1 | Choose one main color and one or two accent colors.

Use the floor to make a statement. Bright white planks, darkly stained wood, or painted floors will make their room anything but boring. Besides, a simpler color palette will make your kids' own special artwork really pop.

If you'd rather leave the floor as is, use one or two walls as focus points. Add fun wallpaper prints and arrange their artwork like a private gallery. 

2 | Decide what furniture pieces do and don't need to be there.

Teach your kids the beauty of minimalism by downgrading their heavy desks for more simplistic designs. Teach them to hang their clothes in the closet, removing the need for a dresser. Less clutter in their space help them keep their room cleaner and be familiar  and more appreciative with what they own. (Yep, interior design is going to teach your kids invaluable life lessons!)

3 | Opt for natural elements, like real wood bunk beds and lofts.

Bunk beds are so underrated. They come in crazy, unique designs that make them seem more like forts and castles rather than just a place to sleep. Spark your child's imagination with a custom bunk bed. (They are so easy to build and save a ton of space.)

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