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Remember that scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory with edible (lickable?) wallpaper?  Okay, in theory that might be fun but in reality, it's a  bit gross.  I really don't want my kids licking the walls of my home.

Ah, the life of a mom. Or more specifically, the life of a mom who wants to have a chic, guest-worthy home but hasn't found a style that stands up against LIFE yet.

I'm Maria Kovach, and I'm a mom first, an interior designer second. I don't live in a Pinterest-perfect home, but I'm proud to call it mine. I wouldn't trade it (or my kids) for all the chic-ness in the world. But I also won't live in a tasteless environment either.

My solution? Meet Thibaut, a luxury wallpaper and fabric brand that can take just about anything. Now, I know what you're thinking.

"Are you crazy?! I have kids. I can't have wallpaper. I hardly even wear makeup!"

If you have kids, you're likely expecting THIS to happen...

Or this...

...but so is Thibaut.

Thibaut has been in the business since before the invention of paper. (Okay, just kidding.) They've been around since 1886 and carry several collections of wallpaper I think you're really going to love because, not only do they install nicely and look gorgeous, they are also wipeable! (Take that, marker-wielding six year olds.)

I have tons of samples, so let me know if you'd like to get your hands on some. Here are just four of my faves.

1 | Kimberly Wallpaper in Green by Thibaut

The Kimberly line is one of my favorites because, despite being a busy print, it still has plenty of white space. The biggest hesitation my clients first have with wall paper is the busy print. 

"Will it look dated in 10 years?"

Honey, EVERYTHING will look a little dated in a decade--including us!-- so enjoy it now. 

2 | Damask Wallpaper in Yellow by Thibaut

Do you know why busy prints WORK? Because many modern wallpapers use a fewer number of colors. Our brains are wired to look for patterns, so we tend to prefer "predictable" wallpaper. Prints with too many pops of color can jolt our eyes--and we don't need that.

3 | Acanthus Wallpaper in Stone by Thibaut

This wallpaper print is the perfect introduction to slapping something other than paint on your walls. With a tone-on-tone approach, the Eland Acanthus makes your walls a whispering conversation piece without stealing the whole show.

4 | Anguilla Weave Wallpaper in Tobacco by Thibaut

If texture is more your thing, I highly recommend the Anguilla Weave. It FEELS great and looks elegant in living rooms, foyers, and bedrooms. This one is best for homes with older kids, since textured surfaces aren't as wipeable. 

My name is Maria Kovach, and I'm an interior designer serving Sun Prairie, Madison, and the surrounding Wisconsin areas. Let's chat about how we can transform your home into an artful expression of YOU. Book your free consult today!

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