I wasn't always knee-deep in floorplans and color swatches. I didn't always have four kids running around and calling me "Mom." Back in the 80s, I was a Command and Control Specialist for the United States Air Force.

That's why I stand a little taller every 4th of July. Some things have changed since the 80s, but most haven't. My hair is still daringly short, and my heart is still resoundingly proud of our Armed Forces. 


I was 20 years old when I enlisted in the Air Force—“older” by enlistment standards but determined to succeed nonetheless.  My first tour was in Germany, followed by England, for a total of four years active duty.

After the Air Force, I served five more years in the Air National Guard at Truax in Madison, Wisconsin. Serving in the Air Force and Air National Guard taught me to work with many different kinds of people, personalities, skill sets and communication styles.

Now as entrepreneur, I’m using these skills all the time with my clients and sub-contractors. There’s an art to working with and coordinating people. I may not always get it right, but I’ll always MAKE IT right.


The military taught me how to take orders, follow directions, and be successful in really crappy environments—all relevant to the life of an entrepreneur, unfortunately! 

Besides all of that, here are few other things that being in the military has taught me:

  • There’s a procedure manual for EVERYTHING! (Whether it’s a simple task or a complex project.  If there isn't’ a procedure manual, one will be created…Yay.)  
  • Once military, always military.  Military friends become family.
  • If you can see your reflection in your boot, it’s shiny enough to be acceptable.
  •  It IS possible to use enough starch on your uniform to make it stand at attention on its own. :)
  • Flying in a F-16 fighter jet is amazing!

This Independence Day—and everyday—I’m proud to be an American, a veteran, and an entrepreneur in the interior design industry. It doesn’t get much patriotic than that. ;) ‘Merica!


From design to construction, Maria Kovach and her full-service boutique interior design firm are here for you during each step of your design project. Simply Stated Interiors is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Contact her to discuss your project.


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