Men have man caves. Women have she-sheds. (Because why on earth would we want to return to our cave-dwelling days?!) While your man might be jealous of your new space, the frills and girly thrills will be enough to help him keep his distance. 

Why do you need a she-shed?

As a mom, business woman--or both--you need a place where you can be truly alone and at peace. Meditate, read a book, drink a glass of wine (or two). Do whatever it takes to rejuvenate yourself so that you can return as an even more involved mom and a more highly motivated business woman. 

I don't need to convince you of how much you truly NEED this, so let's cut to the chase.

#1 The Garden-Lover's She Shed

Image Courtesy of   Instagram user gcvirginia  and  PopSugar.

Image Courtesy of Instagram user gcvirginia and PopSugar.

Surrounded by tiny landscape details, this neutral-color abode is the perfect getaway for those who would rather live in the garden.

#2 The Fairy House She-Shed

Image Courtesy of  HomeTalk .

Image Courtesy of HomeTalk.

If you've ever wanted to live your own fairytale, here's your chance! Feel like Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty as you nap in this adorably, tiny house.

#3 The Glamourous Shed-Shed

Perfect for entertaining over a glass of iced tea--or quiet solitude. The indoor/outdoor carpet, floral throw pillows, and two chandeliers make this she-shed a sight to behold.

#4 The Mini Farmhouse She-Shed

Image Courtesy of  Flower Patch Farmhouse.

Image Courtesy of Flower Patch Farmhouse.

Impossibly quaint, this yellow, white, and lace concoction looks homey and at home amidst this burst of greenery. 

#5 The Dollhouse She-Shed

Image Courtesy of  HomeTalk.

Image Courtesy of HomeTalk.

Fewer windows provide a bit more privacy in this suburban, baby pink cottage. I love the wrap-around deck and white patio set with floral pillows. So feminine and light!

#6 The Robin Blue Cottage She-Shed

Image Courtesy of  Silver Pennies.

Image Courtesy of Silver Pennies.

Serenity Blue and muted gray meld seamlessly in this ocean-side oasis. With the perfect balance of greener and black hardware, I'd love to have this in my backyard!

#7 The Home Office She-Shed

Image Courtesy of Tatertos & Jello.

Image Courtesy of Tatertos & Jello.

I wish I could say I was writing to you from this precious home office, but alas! You, however, could be browsing my blog from the comfort of your own she-shed. Want to make it happen? I can help.

From design to construction, Maria Kovach and her full-service boutique interior design firm are here for you during each step of your design project. Simply Stated Interiors is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Contact her to discuss your project.


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