Yep, 400 decisions. PER ROOM. No wonder we're crazy. Our job as interior designers is to save you from the Decision Monster that constantly stalks every project.

Consider what goes on in a designer's head when coordinating this "straightforward" billiard room:

"Should we have a flat ceiling instead? How will that work with our light fixtures? WAIT, the HVAC doesn't allow enough clearance in the ceiling. Flat is out."

"Does the spiral staircase have enough head clearance? Eh... What color should the spiral staircase be? Should it contrast with the pool table? No..scratch that. Make it match. What color is this room, anyway?"

"Yes, yes! That warm yellow and creamy white look amazing! The floor? Beige. (Ugh, I hate beige... Ooh, marbled tile. Marbled looks good.) What grout color are we using? What size tile? What tile material--ceramic or porcelain?"

"Where are the light fixtures?! The construction team needs to re-wire this. Aren't we wiring this whole room for surround sound? You already put the drywall up? Take it down. Wire it. Do whatever you have to but watch the budget."

"Windows? Colonial style. French patio door. All matching, duh. White. Wainscoting? No, how about a trim piece that resembles it. Yes, also white."

"...wait a minute. How big is this pool table?"

"This wall sconce arrived damaged. Reordering asap."

Client enters the room.

"You've been at this for an hour. How's it coming?"

"You're job must be such a breeze!"

Cough. It's only been an hour?

Feeling overwhelmed yet? That was only about 15 answered questioned and around half a dozed design adjustments. To be truthful, the entire process is this way.

Interior design is 10% pretty product, 60% managing client's needs and wishes, and 30% coordinating with other home pros to complete the project within chosen deadlines and budgets.

And I LOVE what I do. Why? Because the look on your face when you enter your new space says it all. 

::One of my bathroom interior design projects::
::One of my laundry room projects::

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