Do you ever look at a wall in your home and think, “I should really paint that”? (I do, but I’m waiting until the kids are done leaving Cheeto handprints all over the house.) I satisfy my paint cravings by designing my client projects around livable spaces AND color. And they LOVE it.

If you need to choose new wall colors for an interior design project in your home, consider using a livable color.

What is livable color?

Basically, it’s a color that you love today and won’t cringe at tomorrow. It’s not based on a fad or some strange 70s trend. Livable color comes from your desire to live inside-out, to splash soulful reflections of yourself throughout your space.

Dark Night

For those with souls of the blackened sort, check out these crisp walls. This deep, luscious color is the equivalent of 90% dark chocolate—its power is not for the weak palette. I love how the white ceiled and gilded crown molding lighten this Swedish studio apartment.

Color Palette Idea

Green Tea

With its soothing tone and dewy appearance, this color is reminiscent of a freshly-brewed cup of green tea. This image shows it paired with cream, black, and wood elements. Straight lines and curved edges keep the design from becoming too masculine.

Color Palette Idea


It is likely that the use of this color was inspired by Rose Quartz, one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year (2016). A cross between peach and pink, its understated femininity really can’t be overstated. The surrounding muted palette contains cream, gray, stark white, and black.

Did you notice the décor elements of this project? Natural fibers, cork, metal, and aged wood with distressed paint—all cost efficient and beautiful.

Color Palette Idea

The design concept

…is entirely Scandinavian. The emphasis on straight, clean lines with minimal patterns, and a well-developed balance of white space leaves no room for guessing—and plenty of room for creative thought.

Interior design here in the United States is leaning toward this less-is-more design style--and frankly--it's about time!

What do you think--love it or leave it? Comment below!

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