I have kids--kids that will soon be done with school and back to buzzing around the house like busy bees eating me out of house and home.  (Thanks goodness for COSTCO and buying in bulk!) 

My current kitchen is small.  Operating within it, along with three kids vying for whatever the other one wants  in the fridge or pantry, can be frustrating and leaves me wishing I had a bigger kitchen.

(Why is it that the designer's home is the last one to be upgraded? Ha, the irony!)

I was browsing Pinterest in the few spare moments I found before the breakfast rush this morning (because I feel like I waitress at a grab-and-go diner most days). During those moments on Pinterest, I found a few kitchens that I seriously wish I had. 

I love L-shaped kitchens with triangular or parallel islands. While the thought of keeping those white cabinets clean is unnerving to me, they are so pleasing to the eye that I can't help but dream of having them. 

I mean, doing dishes in THAT kitchen would actually be fun. (I know, I don't believe me either...) Me aside, let's look at the layout of this kitchen. Below is an L-shaped kitchen with a triangular island.

The Work Triangle, noted above in red, is efficient for running around to different appliances. I think of it as a mini-marathon for Mom / aka me, and I always make sure to design my busy-mom client kitchens with a similar setup. 

Besides this kitchen layout being uber-efficient and fitting for the busy family, it also has a flair of elegance with the raised bar (split-level island). I like the sink placement on the island too. It means I can do dishes and talk to my kids at the same time.

Now, let's look at a few interpretations of this floorplan that make these kid-friendly kitchens fit for Mom:

Yes, I'm aware that nearly all of these kitchens have white cabinets. I just really want them... I also love the window above the sink. The sink at the island (in the floorplan) was neat, but if I had a choice of scenery when doing dishes--kids vs. the outside world--I might have to pick the window.

All in all, these kitchen layouts are breath of fresh air for the stifled waitress (er, mom?).

One more thing I'd love to have more of...STORAGE!

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