The word "powder room," is to the half-bath as "foyer" is to the entry. It's a fresh name for what could be considered a normal space.  Could be. It all depends on your design perspective.

Today, I'm taking you on a visual tour of what I believe to be the essentials of every powder room. Each element can be modified to fit your lifestyle and design preference.

What you'll need:

  • A half-bath, small bathroom, or a space to remodel into one
  • A specific design theme (rustic, vintage Hollywood, minimal, modern, etc.)
  • A color palette (Don't have one? Go to Design Seeds for inspiration.)
  • A Pinterest board filled with all your favorite powder room floor plans and design ideas
Image  courtesy of

Image  courtesy of

First, let's look at a common floor plan. This works in many homes because it's small, narrow, and located near the hustle and bustle of your home--typically off the great room or near the foyer. This is where your daytime guests can freshen up in style. It creates a lasting impression without requiring significant renovation.

Image courtesy of / Don Gardner Architects

Image courtesy of / Don Gardner Architects

Next, here are some common design themes. Notice the variance of color, mood, lighting, and texture.

A few elements to consider:

  • Color of the sink and toilet
  • Color of hardware and fixtures
  • Pedestal sink vs. a small vanity
  • Open shelving for hand towels and decor
  • Thibaut wallpaper vs. wainscoting (or a combo)
  • Tile vs. wood vs. LVT flooring
  • Tile on the walls
  • Lighting (wall sconces, a small chandelier, vanity lights)
  • A small mirror with an elegant frame vs. no frame

Even in this small space, you will have many decisions to make. As I've mentioned in other posts, each room of an interior design project requires approximately 400 decisions. Let me know how I can help you design the powder room of your dreams or check out my work first.