I recently returned to Sun Prairie, WI, from the Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. A few of my designer friends and I chased down at least one celebrity designer, marveled at the new textures, patterns, and Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016—minds buzzing with the many wonderful ideas that we would bring home to our clients.

I was really hoping to write this post while I was still in Las Vegas, where design jargon was oozing out my pores, but my procrastination saved you from enduring that. You’re welcome.

Now that I’ve had time to process ideas and snap out of my travel daze (thanks to the little humans who bear half my DNA), I’ve narrowed down three key things that homeowners should be mindful of when planning their 2016 interior design projects:

1)      Pantone’s Color of the Year (two colors, actually) are not baby-ish by any means, though this would be a very convenient year to design a nursery… Rose Quartz and Serenity blue speak to the natural, uplifting nature of this year’s entire design color palette.

2)      While vintage Hollywood drama has a strong voice in color and furniture choices this year, so does Mother Nature. Soft, neutral palettes and earth-based textures are a huge focus. (So that dirt on your floor, all you busy moms, is totally trending right now. ;) )

3)      A combination of Roze Quartz, Serenity, and natural elements have opened the U.S. to a European design trend we probably should have noticed years ago: The Nordic.

This intermixing of masculine and feminine lines with rustic textures will make for an exciting year in interior design.