Hello all you wonderful people,

I’m writing to you from the snow-covered hills of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, where my kids leave a pile of snow boots by the front door and random puddles of water (at least, I hope it's just water) throughout the house.

I’m not even kidding—there are about 40 pairs of shoes, boots, and random foot apparel in my foyer right now. We don’t even own that many pairs…? It’s very suspicious.

But I digress.

I recently finished a project for another active household and am excited to finally share the photos with you.

The Schoeneck-Hoard family has a lot going on. As a family of four with two active teen daughters, they were ready for a change. Their small kitchen wasn't big enough for them to store all of their kitchen appliances or cookware. They wanted a kitchen that could hold its own storage and withstand their busy lifestyle without forsaking some gosh darned style.

I’m the self-named wrangler of chaotic (but stylish!) spaces, and this is what I had to work with. It had lots of potential. 

My client really liked brighter colors--which is great since bright colors enlarge the space--and even leaned toward light-colored cabinets. Out with the old, in with the new!

With just about any interior design project comes an average of 400 questions that need to be asked or decisions that need to be made. (Yeah, it’s crazy, but I handled most of it myself once I understood exactly what the client wanted.)

So…400 decisions later, I presented the Schoeneck-Hoard family with this:

They now have  a space tailored for their needs (and a few wants, but hey, you only live once).

Dear Schoeneck-Hoard family, your project was so much fun. Thank you for letting me be a part of this process.



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