This holiday season  reminded me how easy it is to become disorganized. I did the typical mom-thing back in the day and bought stackable totes and baskets of various sizes. 

Do they work? Not for my rough-and-tumble family!

I almost need an organizer for my organizers. The baskets fall askew on the floor. The totes get misplaced and mislabeled. It's just a mess.

That's why I finally opted for prettier and more permanent storage, from traditional cabinetry to open-faced shelving. 

Here are my top 7 favorite organization solutions that flow with the home instead of clogging it up all over:


The photos above show organization options sourced from Danish retailer ATBO. If you love these organization pieces but need help getting your hands on them, please tell me. 

The above photo is an example of German retailer PoggenPohl's chic and minimal storage options. These pieces are also functional and come already set up for specific rooms in your home (bathrooms, bars, sideboards, etc).

This sleek storage unit from Alcor (MAXALTO Collection, designed by Antonio Citterio) makes a bold statement without the fuss. 

I'm borrowing an idea from the Brits for this one. This entertainment console is clever and minimal. This look could be created with real wooden cabinets stained or painted to match any home design style. Love it!

Maria Kovach is an interior designer in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She is a mom, an entrepreneur, and blogger who offers full service interior design to Madison and the surrounding areas. Got a project in mind? Contact her today.


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